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About Late K.L.Pandey School of Nursing.
Late K.L.Pandey Memorial Welfare & Education Society is pioneer society in the field of medical & Health services. It is established in 2012 with the prime objective of society to promote religious social & educational activities and any other for general public utility on no profit basis.

Late K.L.Pandey School of Nursing college(Sendhwa) was established in 2012 with the prime objective of providing effective & efficient nursing education.This Nursing College is established by Shri K. S. Pandey and Shri Abhay Pandey. They have also established 5 colleges in the city and rural areas for girls and boys is enhance education status for higher and intermediate education in M.P.

Provide an innovative and academically challenging experience in order to meet the technological revolution globally.

GNM Nursing programmes is designed to prepare the students to:
1. Perform as competent professional nurses in a variety of health care setting.
2. Function effectively as a member of inter disciplinary health team and as a leader of nursing team.
3. Exhibit a Scientific attitude of independent enquiry into nursing problems.
4. Continue personal and professional growth through ongoing education and self evaluation.
5. Be eligible for licensure and for entrance into post graduate programmes of nursing education.

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